Cats Eyes
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Genre Unknown
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of Series Unknown
No. of Episodes Unknown
Run Time Unknown
Network CBBC on BBC One
Duration 1990's

Cats Eyes (also spelled as Cat's Eyes) was an educational program which was part of the BBC's School programming airing in the CBBC time slot.

The show, which aimed at teaching primary science to children, is widely considered to be one of the best and most successful of its kind. The series began in 1994 and has continued to be broadcast each year up to and including 2003, producing over forty episodes .Whilst now off air, the show was often shown on BBC Two during schools programmes, and was often a favourite for teachers to show to a class in schools amongst other BBC Schools shows.


Set in a back street ally, two cats, Jimmy (Steve Nallon) and Juke (William Todd-Jones), observe the goings on of pizza shop owner, Alf (Roland Rivron). In each show the two cats devise new and inventive schemes to keep themselves occupied, such as getting free samples of Alf’s pizzas, breaking into his fridge, making themselves rich and generally having a good time. The plan is always linked to some sort of scientific principle, though most of the educational aspect of the programme comes from the filmed inserts where presenters illustrate the science in detail.

Jimmy and Juke are immensely popular with children. Their antics, combined with the brilliantly illustrated film inserts, have made the series a favourite with both pupils and teachers. The series is aimed at the 5 to 7 age group.

Cast and Characters

  • Alf (Rowland Rivron).
  • Katie (Georgina Field)
  • Janet (Janet Brown)
  • Jimmy (Steve Nallon)
  • Juke (William Todd-Jones)


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