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Charlie Chalk

Charlie Chalk is a British stop motion animation series that aired on CBBC from 20 October 1988 to 19 April 1989. The show was produced in 1987 by Woodland Animations, who also produced the children's television programmes Postman Pat, Gran and Bertha.

All 13 episodes were released on Region 2 DVD in the U.K. on 1 August 2005 by Universal Pictures UK. Reel Entertainment also released the entire series on 2 DVDs in Australia.


The series tells the story of Charlie Chalk - a jolly clown who, after falling asleep whilst fishing out at sea, ends up on a strange island by the name of Merrytwit (as explained in the title sequence before each episode). Characters had to be aware of coconuts which constantly fell from the trees on the island.

The pilot episode of the series (entitled 'Shipwrecked Charlie') finds Charlie having just landed on Merrytwit, and after making friends with some of its inhabitants, decides to stay and build a home there. The following episodes follow Charlie and his new friends on various adventures on the island.


# Title Summary
1 Shipwrecked Charlie

Charlie lands on Merrytwit and meets Edward, Trader Jones, Captain Mildred, Arnold and Lewis T Duck. They all agree the first thing Charlie must do is build a house...

2 Arnold's Night Out

Arnold the Elephant is lovable - but very, very clumsy. So it's no wonder Lewis doesn't want to take him along on the treasure hunt. But it's Arnold who ends up finding the treasure!

3 The Coconut Harvest

In the middle of the coconut harvest, Trader Jones makes a wish, and before anyone knows what's happened, Mary the Hover Fairy appears. She grants Trader's wish, and he discovers that magic may not be the best way to harvest coconuts.

4 The Sneezes

Charlie unfortunately has to cancel the big expedition to find the Bye Bye Beast because he's got The Sneezes. But when Trader's cure for the dreaded disease happens to include the elusive Beast's favourite food, Charlie's luck changes.

5 Jumping Bananas

Litterbug, in his constant quest for tidiness, picks up Mary the Hover Fairy's wand when she puts it down halfway through a spell. When the poor creature is chased by a crowd of jumping bananas, he finds out that there could be such a thing as being too tidy.

6 The Mountain That Moaned

Arnold knows the mountain moans and is proved right when he, Charlie and Lewis make an expedition to it's foot. They follow the moaning sound throughout the mountain's caves and underground lakes to find Bert, a lonely monster who's been trapped inside.

7 Edward Keeps Fit

Captain Mildred decides that Edward needs exercise. Everything is just fine until Edward reaches for the sky... and discovers that his arms are stuck over his head.

8 The Feast

Trader Jones finds a cookbook on the beach and decides to something different for a change - he's going to prepare an exotic feast for all his friends. The problem is, the only ingredients available are coconuts and bananas.

9 There Are No Roads On Merrytwit

Lewis realises one day that there are no roads on Merrytwit and decides to remedy the situation. He builds one. Then he discovers why there are no roads on Merrytwit in the first place.

10 Mildred's Day Off

When Captain Mildred and her first mate Mary the Hover Fairy decide to go to the other side of the island for a little holiday, Edward is chosen to be Captain for the day. The sleepy ape finds that there's more to being the boss than telling everyone what to do.

11 Bert's Boring Day

When Bert's bored, everyone tries to help him out by giving him things to do. Thanks to his friends, Bert has so much fun being bored that he decides to be bored again tomorrow!

12 Return of the Litter

It's Litterbug's birthday, and his friends are planning a surprise party. The only problem is no one knows what present to give him.

13 Goodbye, Hello

Charlie Chalk decides that it's time to leave Muddytwit and return to the circus. He says goodbye to all his friends, then sets off in his little boat. But as he rows, he starts to think about all the wonderful times he's had. Does he really want to leave?