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Freefonix is a CGI animated television series about the adventures of fictional band of the same name. To date, the show consists of 40 half hour episodes.

The series was launched on January 4, 2008 and was aired as part of the CBBC strand on BBC1. The first 20 episodes aired on BBC2 during July/August 2008, with all 40 episodes being aired on CBBC over December 08 and January 2009. The series last ran in December 2009 on the CBBC channel.


Freefonix, a music based animated adventure series set in the future, is a classic battle of good vs evil but with a twist – using music and sonic energy as the weapons. Sonic technology has been developed, graphics can operate without emitters, and the new cool (or 'wix') teenage trend is to be a freewaver.

Freewavers are all those who truly understand the popular music of the time, one which incorporates strains of pop, techno, rock and rap. It takes on something of an underground element (centring on The Bounce, a submarine dance/music club), due to ComaCo, the authoritarian corporation and evil organisation of the series which markets manufactured girlband music that Freewavers call 'plasticised prepsie'.

The main characters, BB, Freezbone and Mostart, are thrown together by the mysterious Sugar Che (Jamelia), they form a band called Freefonix in order to safeguard the most powerful force in the universe - the 13th Note - as well as save their world from a dark future that will be brought on through the teaming up of an evil force, which calls itself Vox, with the most powerful person in all of Los Bosmos, Mya De Zya (the head of ComaCo).

Freefonix features vocal performances from singers Jamelia, Justin Hawkins(The Darkness) and Chico Slimani, cricketer Alastair Cook, actor Joseph Fiennes and musician Haylie Ecker. With a budget of more than 10 million pounds ($20 million), Freefonix is the largest commission by BBC for an animation. The scripts for Freefonix were written in Los Angeles and New York, and voices recorded in Ireland.


Freefonix's debut album is being released on 26th January 2009 through Freewave records a sub division of Union Square Music. The album was recorded by Freefonix and Produced by Magnus Fiennes who has worked with the likes of Lenny Kravitz, All Saints, Tom Jones and the Spice Girls. 5 songs were also produced with Lucas Secon (Jordin Sparks,Pussycat Dolls,Sugababes).