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Millie Inbetween

Millie Inbetween is a British children's sitcom series broadcast on CBBC and stars Millie Innes. The first series premiered on 1 October 2014. It focuses on 13 year-old Millie and her 15-year-old sister whose parents have recently split up.


Millie McDonald (Millie Innes) is a 13-year-old girl who lives with her 15-year-old sister Lauren McDonald (Tallulah Greive). Their parents have split up, so the two sisters are constantly swapping living with 'Mum' Sharon, (Hannah Jane Fox) and 'Dad' Tony (James Bachman/Richard Lumsden).

Millie loves the upsides of her new family set-up; two Christmas celebrations, two birthdays, and two bedrooms. However, the downsides are more tricky to come to terms with, as her parents start new relationships. The parents' new partners have children, too - and they all want to move in. Sharon has a new partner called Mike, who has a son called Craig, who is a nightmare. Tony meets a new partner called Amber, who has 2 children called Fran and Jake.