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Skunk Fu

Skunk Fu is an Irish animated television series featuring the fables of anthropomorphic animals protecting their valley using martial arts. The show chronicles the adventures of young Skunk, training with his Kung Fu master, Panda, with support of Rabbit, Fox, Turtle and others, who directly, or inadvertently, also help Skunk grow. Skunk Fu was shown on CBBC in the UK.


Long time ago, Dragon protected the valley
But was punished by Heaven for his arrogance.
He blamed us!
Now trapped in his icy prison, he plots to destroy us all.
Our only hope just might be my pupil, Skunk. - Panda

Skunk and the other valley animals, led by Panda, thwart Dragon's efforts to overtake their valley with his Ninja Monkey minions. Historically Dragon and Panda were friends, but since Dragon became trapped, he perceives the valley residents as the reason for his downfall, displacing the responsibility of his own actions, and seeks to destroy them. Panda sees Skunk as crucial to saving the valley and endeavors to teach Skunk, who often tries to circumvent laborious Kung Fu training, only to learn the value of the initial lesson from the consequences of his actions.