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The Boot Street Band was a Children's Sitcom which was broadcast as part of CBBC on BBC One in the 1990's. The show lasted for two series containing around twelve episodes, and ran from around 1993 to 1994. The show was a comedy drama series with episodes lasting around 25 minutes. It was conceived and written by Steve Attridge and Andrew Davies.

Due to the popularity of the series at the time, a Children's book was released in 1993, which was based on the TV series, and written by Steve Attridge and published by BBC Children's Books. The book was a piece of CBBC merchandise and was simply titled "The Boot Street Band".


The members of Class 4D at Boot Street School are definitely different from other schoolchildren. Since their teacher (now believed to be somewhere in Fijo) walked out to fetch a Rubber last November, they have managed very nicely on their on. In fact, they now manage the entire school with a little help from Mr Prince, whose bark is worse than his bite, an no help at all from Mr Lear, the Headmaster, who is quite obviously barmy.

Alternative summery
Children's comedy-drama series about the students of Boot Street School. An entire class of school kids run a newspaper from within their classroom, without the teachers or other members of staff ever knowing. The protagonist is a young black girl, who is introduced as a new student in the first episode and joins the newspaper team. She narrates the show by speaking directly into the camera. The school's headmistress is incredibly overbearing.


  • Roland Macleod as Mr Lear.
  • Mrs Springit as Linda Polan.
  • Richard Davies as Dai Cramp.
  • Gerald Home as Mr Prince.
  • Suzy Weitz as Ruth


Series 1: (1993)

  • Episode 1: Something very strange is going on at Boot Street School. Lessons go on as usual, but the children have all the power, because now the school is run by the "Management" of Class 4D.
  • Episode 2: The Management is threatened by the arrival of a school inspector.
  • Episode 3: The "management" have to use all their brain power to stay at the top. And problems loom when the school is issued with a sporting challenge.
  • Episode 4: The "management" fight to save Mr Lear 's job from a woman in green.
  • Episode 5: The school play is a great success, but in a rather unexpected way.
  • Episode 6: The "management" battle in an attempt to save the school.

Series 2: (1994)

  1. The School Secretary: The new school secretary is not what she seems.
  2. New Brains for Old: The re-cycling machine provides trouble for Mr Cramp.
  3. Take Away Trouble: A cookery lesson leads to a new venture for the pupils of Boot Street School.
  4. The Great Pretender: Mrs Springit makes a serious bid to become head teacher.
  5. Standing for Office: Mr Lear takes the platform in the local council elections.
  6. The Great Exchange: A school exchange, an assault course, and a night in the woods.


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