Series three of The Slammer which will air from 4.30 to 5.00pm from Friday 10th September 2010 for a third series on the BBC CBBC Channel.

Episode Listing

  • It's a Puppet - Friday 10th September 2010, 16:30 on CBBC (1/15). Duration 30 mins.

There are big changes for the Freedom Show when the governor receives a fax.

  • Braking In - Friday 17th September 2010, 16:30 on CBBC (2/15). Duration 30 mins.

Who is the dazzling new prisoner Stevie Sparkle? And what showbiz crime has he committed?

Acts include

Show 1: It's A Puppet

Flaming Fun Fire Show / Dancers - This show is performed by a pair (Johnathan Reynolds and Merlin Bolton-Smith) of highly trained (not to mention highly insured!), pro-technicians. Each artist, a true master with his or her own pyrotechnic paraphernalia.

Betty Brawn - Australian super strong lady

Christian Lee - Now you see it ... silent comic stage magician, performs to music

Duelling Sabres - Fighting stunt act

3 Run - A parkour, free running act of athletic ability

Bollywood Dreams - Bollywood dance crew

Alina Eskina - Solo cube acrobat who spins from a strap supported only by her neck

West End Fever - All singing, all dancing group singing songs from favourite musicals.

Millie & Tillie - Doubles Trapeze act

Guy Barrett - Box illusionist

Take Fat - Comic tribute singers

Gandini Jugglers - LED performers juggling pins

Pro Jump 101 - Bouncy stilt crew

Trio Micheev Ring - Circus act that features a ring, balanced on a performer's forehead, with an acrobatic lady balanced on top of this.

Jukebox Juniors - Young dancers who were finalists on Got To Dance, Series 1, on Sky 1

Steve Best - Comedian

Sasha The Human Frog - Circus act featuring a 180 degree leg split

Tracy Jones - Aerial strap act

The Showstoppers - Improvised singing group who sing ideas from the audience

Germain Delbosq - Motorbike Foot Juggler

Andrey Averyushkin - Drum Juggler

Scat Bloke - Scatting singer

Justin M. Monehen - UK Stage magician who appears to perform bizarre body illusions such as pulling his fingers off, twisting his head 360˚ and playing with a living severed hand.

The Zaporozhian Cossack dancers - UK dance group who performed traditional Cossack dances along with energetic acrobatics.

Petit Mal - Bouncy exercise ball acrobatic act

Chris Lynam - Comedian

Emily Crow - Freestyle young dancer who was a finalist on Got To Dance, Series 1, on Sky 1

The Doktorovs - Aerial Straps Duo

Show 7: Team Extreme - Inline skaters, complete with ramps

Mr Origami - Comic Artist who 'creates' newspaper objects

Frederico Forte - Opera Singer

No Horses, Only Fools - Acrobatic comedy tumblers

Globot - Glowing robot with glowing LED dancers

Alex Crow - Mind Reader

Roller Chicks - Roller skating singing girls

String Fever - Cello string act

Pyromantic - Fire aerial act

A Cherry on Top - Can Can Dancers

James Freedman - Pickpocket

James Freedman aka The Man of Steal, a UK stage magician and pickpocket.

Marvellous Marvin - Character

The Silver Dragons - Martial arts crew

Bankina - Acrobatic dancers from Colombia

Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers - Drummers

DJ Woody - DJ turntablist with visual effects

Show 12 - Walkies Vampire Ascendence - Bungee Act

Planet Jump Rope - Glow in the dark skipping rope jump act

Woody The One Man Band - One man band, all singing, all playing

Jonathan Shotton - Illusionist

Show 13 - Tough Nut K Slick - Comedy Rapper

Scales of the Unexpected - Acapella Singers

Marc Oberon - LED / Glow performer

Big Ron & The Jigglers - GIant puppet singing with dancers

Show 14: Highlights Special

Show 15: Christmas Special

The Big Bouncers - Big Ball jugglers

Madeline the Christmas Fairy - TIght Wire Act

Potted Panto - Panto in a jiffy

Singa Longa Slammer - Cast Christmas Sing Song

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