Series two of The Slammer.

Episode 1

  • Gabarjobat (winner) - Comedy act
  • Attila Endrész - A skillful balancing act, in which he gets on a unicycle, and rides up a system of ramps (all the while looking very scared), and going back down again backwards.
  • Blackroom Jackson - Blacklight performer
  • Russian Bar (group name : Gvozdetskys) - A superb four-piece act, in which two talented gymnasts (one male and one female) perform a range of acrobatics on a flexible vaulting pole, which is about 4 metres long. Two other people hold each end of the pole. This act requires highly skilled acrobats and combines balance beam skills, the rebound tempo skills of trampoline and swing handstand skills.

Episode 2

  • Ole- Comedy Spanish Musicians
  • Derek Masters- Escapologist
  • Aleshin Group (winner) - A spectacular performance by a family of outstanding acrobats.
  • Julie- Acrobat

Episode 3

  • Tamara Puzanova- Foot Juggler
  • Duo Magic- Magicians
  • Pupski - A clever little dog who is not only cute but can perform tricks as well.
  • The Black Eagles (winner) - Acrobats

Episode 4

  • Timo Marc (winner) - Animation Magic
  • Dennis Teeth- Saw Player
  • Marck Metrale- Ventriloquist
  • Jeff Jay Trampoline - Trampolining with a difference: excellent stunts and plenty of laughs at the same time.

Episode 5

  • Mika the Clown- Juggler
  • Fulcrum- Hand Balencers
  • The Strongman- Strongman
  • David Balet (winner) - Plate Spinner

Episode 6

  • The Amazing Christopher- Ventriloquist
  • Duo Vesqofski- Whip Act
  • Grim Baldy and The Bear- Comedy Bear Act
  • The Roller Skating Vesqofskis (winner) - Roller Skating Act. One of the members of Duo Vesqofski volontered for the Act
  • 3 Pin Socket – winners of the final episode. Teenage rock band from Lichfield, Staffordshire. Guy (drums), Joby (bass/vocals) and Rob (guitar) performed Lost in Misery.

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