Trapped! is a children's themed game show that was broadcast between 2007 and 2010.


The show is set in a six story tower in the middle of the sea. At the beginning of the episode, six contestants (or Unfortunates as they're called in this game) are ferried over by another Unfortunate called Wiley Sneak who has been trapped in the tower for a century. We are also introduced at the start of every episode to the Caretaker, a person who came to the tower only for a night's sleep and has since been trapped by the Voice. The Voice is a mysterious being who rules over the tower; all we ever see of her is her purple lipped mouth.

All contestants begin at the top of the tower, on Floor 6, and gradually work their way down while working as a team to complete puzzles and tasks. However one is never to be trusted. Each Unfortunate is given a 'Whisper Clip' and on each floor bar Floor 2, one is chosen as the 'Saboteur'. It is the saboteur's job to prevent the team completing the task in time. If they succeed, a vote is taken to see who was the saboteur and the Unfortunate with the most votes stays on that Floor, or Trapped. If the task is completed successfully, the saboteur is immediately Trapped. Floor 2, the last floor, has The Key To Freedom. Only one contestant can win it and the remaining two answer questions the Voice asks based on their experience through the tower, such as which other contestant is trapped on what floor.

There was a variety of games, all based on fairy tales of common fantasy or haunted house tropes in a Gothic fairy tale setting.

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